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UCR Dining Services offers a wide variety of residential restaurants, retail dining locations, convenience stores, and markets across campus. UCR Dining is a part of Auxiliary Services at the University of California, Riverside, and contributes to the university’s mission to enhance the lives of UCR students and the campus.

Mission Statement

UCR Dining is committed to providing memorable experiences, to enhance the lives of UCR students and our campus community. We proudly provide delicious, nutritious, and sustainable meals that touch the heart and nourish the mind.

Our Approach

Delicious | Culinary excellence is at the core of UCR Dining Services programs and purpose. By providing high-quality culinary experiences centered around delicious, nutritious, and sustainable food, we support the well-being of our campus community.

Nutritious | UCR Dining Services strives to provide healthy, balanced meals to help students and guests make safe and informed food choices. Our menus reflect the diversity of cultures, preferences, and dietary needs that make the UCR community special.

Sustainable | Dining Services makes every effort to lessen the university's environmental impact with programs, products, and services that reduce the campus's ecological footprint. We believe that with each plate we serve, and each meal our students eat, we have the opportunity to create a better future for this planet together.


UCR Dining Services will utilize a variety of resources to be culinary trendsetters, delivering memorable experiences for our students and campus community.

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