Paying With A Recharge

It is easy purchase meals, drinks, and snacks at various campus restaurants, stores, and coffee shops using departmental funds. Simply download the Dining Services Recharge form below. Have an authorized department transactor fill out the form entirely. Present the completed form as payment for your purchase.

Dining Services Recharge Form

List of locations that accept printed campus recharge forms include:

Electronic Form
  • The Barn

  • The Stable (excludes alcohol)

  • Ivan’s

  • Bytes 

  • Emerbee’s

  • Starbucks

  • Subway

  • The Halal Shack

  • Scotty's Convenience Stores

  • The Market at Glen Mor

  • Noods - The Noodle Bar

  • The Market at North District

  • Lollicup

  • Fry House

  • Lothian Residential Restaurant

  • Glasgow Residential Restaurant

Please coordinate with each location for more information about for bulk orders, catering orders, or large group meals. University Departments purchasing products and services from Dining Services must comply with Policy and Procedure #200-44 Entertainment.