Re-Opening Date: Stay Tuned

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  • Hours

    MON-FRI: 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM
    (See details below for more specific hours of operation)

    The Barn main restaurant will open with weekday hours only. We project to begin adding weekend hours as we start to offer entertainment acts on the outdoor stage sometime after opening. The Barn restaurant features four primary food stations (Deli, Salads, Hot Table [comfort food], Grill) and a grab-and-go retail concept. Barn guests 21-and-up will be able to visit the outdoor Patio Bar for beer and wine service as well.

    Barn Restaurant (Mon-Fri)

    7:30am-10:30am – breakfast
    10:30am-8pm – lunch / dinner (offers additional appetizer menu after 3pm)
    Salads, Deli, and Hot Table:
    Patio Bar:
    11am-10pm (offers appetizer menu after 3pm)

    The Barn Stable lounge for current UCR faculty-and-staff (and their guests) will also open with weekday hours only. It includes a daily lunch buffet and full inside bar service.

    Barn Stable (Mon-Fri)

    Lunch Buffet:
    Full Inside Bar:
    11am-10pm (offers app menu after 3pm)

    Please stay tuned to this page as hours are likely to change as we establish guest traffic patterns at the new Barn. See you soon!

  • Reservations and Private Events

    Reservations via OpenTable®:
    Reservations for The Barn Restaurant and Patio (five-plus people) and Barn Stable (up to ten people) can be made via OpenTable® on the Barn site: A portion of the seating in each space will always be held open for walk-in guests. The OpenTable® link will be visible once we are ready to accept reservations.

    Large Private Group Events:Original plans for the restored Barn complex included a meeting and conferencing space, unfortunately this was removed during the budgeting process. Once the Barn has opened and guest service patterns have been established, we may consider making it available to be reserved out for private group events during non-operating hours. For now, the Barn is intended as a restaurant and entertainment venue for both UCR and the surrounding community to enjoy. We are not accepting requests from organizations or departments to reserve out the entire premise for private events during operating hours at this time as it could limit the ability to serve all of our potential guests.

    Additional information and FAQs: 

    1. If we can’t book large private group events now, then when?  
    Once the Barn operations stabilize and entertainment events are underway, an announcement will be promptly shared with the campus to allow large private group events to be booked during non-operating hours.

    2. What is the Barn Stable?  
    The Stable is the Barn’s indoor faculty and staff restaurant and lounge. It includes lunch weekday buffet service and a full-service bar. The Stable is intended only for current UCR faculty and staff (and their guests). Like the Barn restaurant, it is currently not available for private events. Small group reservations specifically for the Stable (up to ten people) can be made via OpenTable® at This will include a private room off the main dining area (seating for eight) room rates may apply. As in the Barn restaurant, a portion of seating will always be held open for walk-in guests.

    3. Why aren’t the policies the same as the old Barn? 
    The vision for the restored Barn is for campus and the community to come together and connect over dining and entertainment in a fun atmosphere. While the Barn will retain its rich UCR history, its future will increasingly be as a fixture of both campus and Riverside as a whole. 

    4. Are there other meeting spaces on campus that I can reserve? 
    Yes. Please reach out to Hospitality Services at 951-827-5471 or visit to find reservable venues on campus.

  • Entertainment and Events Calendar

    Coming Soon


Barn Team Discusses Project Status

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The Barn

Marcus Van Vleet

Barn and Retail Dining

Julie Zeno

Senior Manager
The Barn

Ludovic Giglio

Culinary Manager
The Barn

Patricia Ramos

The Barn

Saleem Pereira

Culinary Supervisor
The Barn

Jaime Leon

Culinary Supervisor
The Barn

Live View of The Barn Construction

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The Barn Stable Tasting Series

In October 2019, the UCR Dining team began previewing the new Barn Restaurant & Stable experience with the UCR community. About 25 enthusiastic staff and faculty were given a hardhat tour of the construction site. This was followed by tastings hosted by partner brewers and wineries to identify prospective new beverages for the Stable lounge. Thanks to all who joined us!

We'll See You in 2020

Renderings of the new Barn.


Various bands performing at The Barn from the early 1980's to 2012. (Video only - no sound).