UCR Dining
COVID-19 Response

UCR Dining has initiated a robust set of practices and procedures in response to COVID-19. The  safety of our staff and guests remains our top priority and we will continue to follow guidance from UCR, UCOP, Riverside County, and the state of California as we press forward through this uncertain environment. While we face the same logistical uncertainties as everyone else at present, we are proud and confident in the safety of our venues and we look forward to once again sharing the full Dining experience with the UCR community at the appropriate time once campus reopens. Stay tuned.

Two Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What safety precautions has Dining taken in response to COVID-19?

We’ve been actively encouraging and enforcing adoption of the social distancing guidelines from the CDC, the state of California, and the Riverside County Public Health Office amongst our staff and guests. This includes, but is not limited to:

Additionally, we've closed almost all Dining venues on campus. We've consolidated all open operations into the Market at Glen Mor which serves our residents remaining on campus as well as essential staff. 

2. What is the status of the opening of Dining venues going forward?

Only the Market at Glen Mor is open for the remainder of spring quarter 2020. Decisions on opening any additional venues for summer and fall quarters 2020 will be informed by guidance from UCR and UCOP administrative leadership. Regularly check for updates. 

Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time. We are here for you and will be here for you when you return to campus.