Glasgow Restaurant

In Fall 2020, Dining opened its newest Residential Restaurant, Glasgow, adjacent to the equally brand new Dundee Residence Hall. The venue also includes a Scotty's convenience store with a selection of grab-n-go sandwiches, salads, hot/cold beverages, frozen foods, ice cream, and snacks as well as health and personal care items. At full capacity, the two-story, 830-seat Glasgow will include an exhibition bakery, retail store, and two private dining rooms.


Where Is It?

Off Linden St, adjacent to Dundee Residence Hall.

Door Rates

Breakfast: $10.75
Lunch: $14.00
Dinner: $16.00
Brunch: $16.00
Special Events: $16.00

*Door rates are as of 9/23/19.

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Glasgow Team

Moses Preciado
Moses Preciado

Senior Manager

(951) 827-5769


Ryan Nagby
Ryan Nagby

Culinary Manager

(951) 827-3017


Pam Trimble
Pam Trimble


(951) 827-4481