Glasgow Dining Lunch Closure During Highlander Orientation Dates

Please note that Glasgow Dining will be closed for lunch service during Highlander Orientation dates. This temporary closure is necessary to ensure the smooth execution of orientation activities while minimizing disruptions for our new students. The Barn and other retail dining locations on campus will remain open and welcome the campus community to enjoy their lunch. 

While Glasgow Dining will not be available for lunch, we will continue to provide breakfast and dinner services as usual. Therefore, you can rely on Glasgow Dining for your morning and evening meals during the Highlander Orientation.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we strive to ensure a successful orientation experience for our new students. For more information about the specific dates of the Highlander Orientation blackout period, please refer to the schedule below.

Highlander Orientation Dates

Please take note of the blackout dates when Glasgow Dining will not be available for lunch service (11 AM - 2 PM):

  • July 13-14

  • July 20-21

  • July 24-25

  • July 27-28

  • July 31-August 1

  • August 7-8

  • August 10-11

  • August 14-15

  • August 17-18

  • August 21-22